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who invented non-searchable pdfs, and who hated you as a child?

Research chat: Sarah Cohen of the New York Times on the state of data journalism and what reporters need to know




election day is my favorite holiday


Journalist 1: But you’d be doing nothing. Won’t you get bored? 

Journalist 2: I do “nothing” really well. 

The Fields Medal is no longer a boys-only club


The Fields Medal is viewed as the greatest honor in mathematics; the Nobel of math. Today, Iranian mathematician Maryam Mirzakhani became the first woman (and Iranian) to win a Fields Medal.

RTDNA: Guidelines for Reporting on a Suicide

How many times will journalists botch reporting on suicide to learn these lessons as a profession?

The answer should be zero.


If I had been a young-ish male journalist, the Very Respected Journalist might be recommending my work to other Very Respected Journalists right now.  If I hadn’t shown disgust at what he did he would have helped me get my press pass in East Ukraine.  If he hadn’t molested me maybe I would have written those pieces on the political repositioning of Poroshenko, the dynamics between the internally displaced people from Eastern Ukraine and the cities they have come to, a juxtaposition between the political use of space in Maidan and in Tahrir.  I’d have more time to write about the political situation – to write about all the things I wanted to focus my energy on – if the inconvenience of being female in a world in which men can violently degrade and dehumanise women wasn’t taking up so much of my fucking time.

Balkanist, with an anonymous submission from a female journalist who was assaulted by another journalist abroad — trigger warnings for rape and violence.

LAPD's misclassified incidents: How we reported this story

The L.A. Times put out an incredible story two days ago on the LAPD’s misclassification of nearly 1,200 violent crimes as minor offenses — here’s how they got the data.

Particle Clicker


From the gaming laboratory at CERN (??!), Particle Clicker is like Cookie Clicker but about particle physics. As in, you actually learn about particle physics while you’re playing.

Particle Clicker